‘Talking Tins’ – inclusive technology


I thought I would share a link and some info about a very useful, cheap and easy to use bit of kit called ‘Talking Tins’ which has many uses including supporting reading. The resource is a very simple device which can record 5 secs/ 40 secs of speech and give instant playback. 

‘Talking Tins’ were originally designed for the blind/ visually impaired to put on the tops of tins, with a voice recording to indicate the content but there potential in the classroom was soon spotted ! 

I use them with KS1/KS2 pupils in a variety of ways and often encourage a child to record themselves/ me reading their reading book. They can then play back and follow the text. I also use them to work on a child’s spellings, as the child can read the spellings aloud and record their voice, then play that back and use it to practice writing those words. I also use them a lot for sentence writing, and work 1:1/ small group to build a sentence, then record it. The children write the sentence and can replay the audio if they forget what they are writing/ check they are correct.They can also be used to record ideas/ instructions/ items for overlearning such as common sequences … endless list !

http://www.talkingproducts.com/educational-resources/talking-tins-educationImageTo record, you just hold the 2 yellow buttons, then press the black one to play back. So simple !


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